We are trying to face a WHOLE Palestinian community from being displaced. The community of Arab Al Freijat is facing the real and present threat of being wiped out from the … face of the map. It is located most southwest of Hebron Governorate and it is surrounded by the Racist Wall. Israeli occupation forces […]

As part of our attempts to safeguard Palestinian lands from being expropriated or overtaken by Israeli settlers,┬áHIRN have managed to raise NIS 1,000 to be used to buy seeds used to plant a 130-dunums located behind… the Barrier in the area of Beit Yattir. The targeted lands (bounded in orange in the picture) has been […]

The Bedouin Community of Kashem Al Daraj is located at the most southern end of the West Bank. The basic infrastructure is very weak with a lot of sercives lacking, including adequate roads and scarce water quantities coupled with high unemployment and rising poverty. The community has a population of 650 Palestininan Bedouins living on […]

The Villages Group is a small Palestinian/Israeli loosely structured organization engaged in dealing with the troubled communities in the South Hebron Hills, where the already harsh conditions are worsened by severe trouble in form of violence and harassment from settlers and demolition orders on everything from small bathroom units to kindergartens, schools and community centres. […]

On Saturday the 20th of October 2012, local elections for the Municipal Council were held in 93 of a total of 354 localities, including Hebron Municipality. In 11 districts in the West Bank, 330 polling centers and 838 polling stations opened to make it possible for the more than 500.000 eligible voters to cast their […]