Facing the demolition of an entire community on the frontline

We are trying to face a WHOLE Palestinian community from being displaced. The community of Arab Al Freijat is facing the real and present threat of being wiped out from the … face of the map. It is located most southwest of Hebron Governorate and it is surrounded by the Racist Wall. Israeli occupation forces have issued 30+demolition orders of all structures in the village due to the usual “building without a permit”. After consultation with very promenant and respectful lawyer, it was agreed that the best way to delpay and postpone the demolition, a Master Plan of the community should be developed. Initial steps has been taken, yet the completion hinges on providing the fees of the Plan. The surveyor asked for NIS10,000 of which NIS 2,000 were collected by the community and NIS 4,000 was donated by the Hebron International Resources Network (HIRN). We are talking about keeping 324 Palestinians (more than half of which are children) in their homes at the front line.
Your help is much anticipated and appreciated!

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